Transdermal patch technology is a form of delivering active ingredients by using a patch that is applied to intact skin. Furthermore, this method has many advantages over traditional dosage forms. With the main advantage being the rate of absorption. The absorption through the skin, directly into the blood stream is an efficient and safe method. This means nothing gets burned up in the stomach acids!

Transdermal medical delivery and release systems have been on the market since 1982. That results in over 30 years of vast research put into transdermal patch technology. This technology is inspiring! And you will notice that pharmaceutical company’s market transdermal patches to dispense medical agents. This includes the well known anti smoking Nicotine patch and the Trans Act Patch. Other popular patch treatments include fentanyl, hormone replacement therapy, Menopause and contraception with many more to hit the market.

The Transdermal Patch technology system consists of two integral technologies. Namely the delivery of medical agents and the controlled release system. Secondly the chemical composition. The delivery of active ingredients is through a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication.

The Benefits of Transdermal Patch Technology

  1. Improved well being of the patient.
  2. Fewer side effects compared to oral delivery of medical agents.
  3. Consistent dosage levels through a time release system.
  4. Great for people who struggle to absorb nutrients. Therefore, limiting the success of the active ingredients. For example; Bariatric surgery, Diabetes or any medicines that reduce absorption.
  5. An efficient and safe method for delivering agents through the skin.
  6. Patch life can be set to range from one hour to several months.
  7. So easy to use! Just stick on like a band aid and let the patch go to work.

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