CBD Transdermal Skin Patch


Experience the best of what nature has to offer with our Transdermal Skin Patch!

The active ingredient is hydrophobic and has poor oral bioavailability. This means the patch is much more effective with a substantially increased absorption rate compared to the oil

  • Non-invasive, slow-release transdermal delivery
  • Non-addictive non-opioid therapy with calming effect
  • Non hallucinogenic and you can carry on with your daily functions
  • Limited effect on higher brain function
  • Daily activities can continue as normal
  • Safe and without side-effects

Easy-to-use, just stick the patch on like a band-aid and let it go to work!

  1. Popular anti-inflammatory
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Management of MS and its associated symptoms
  4. Significantly reduces joint swelling
  5. Skin disorders, itchiness, rashes, blistering, skin fragility and repeated wound healing cause itching, pain, limited mobility, and recurrent infections


Pack of 15 (1 month supply)

How It Works - Video

Research Papers

Research Paper 1 – Download HERE

Research Paper 2 – Download HERE



Download PDF HERE


50mg CBD Isolate

1 review for CBD Transdermal Skin Patch

  1. chad (store manager)

    I, Rivash Paunchcouria had been suffering for 10years with Psoriasis and I had been on the Patch for 3 weeks and my psoriasis is completely gone. I am very thankful to you guys. Thank you.

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