The Booster Patch


14 Super Ingredients that do many different things inside the body and ALL create renewed energy and stamina.

The most important ingredient for continued stamina, energy and healing is ‘Polyphenols’ which is present in each of the ingredients.

The patch will help boost your immune system, boost metabolism, fight infection, helps slow aging, lowers cholesterol, helps with weight loss, reduces joint pain, balances blood sugar, helps the gut, firms skin, balances blood glucose levels

1 Months Supply

Patch Ingredients

Aronia Cherries (Choke berries), Blueberries, Mulberries, Pomegranates, Moringa, Spirulina, Matcha, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Lemon, Beetroot, Monk fruit, Vitamin C

Aronia Cherries (Choke berries) has the highest antioxidant capacity than any other berry or fruit. Antioxidants rid all tissues, organs and blood of germs. They help fight neurological diseases, cancer, aging, inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections. Antioxidants protect you..

Blueberries – an Antioxidant Super-food. Packed with antioxidants and thousands of natural chemicals, high in potassium and vitamin C.  They lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also anti-inflammatory.

Mulberries – good source of iron, vitamin C and many plant compounds, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Pomegranates – rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, fibre and is anti-inflammatory. Burns fats and boosts metabolism.

Morringa Plant – full of essential nutrients. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, vitamin A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein. Fight free radicals (germs). Supports brain health.

Mint – rich in nutrients. Great for gut health, brain function, bowel health and brain function.

Spirulina – Full of protein, improves cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, great for the gut.

Matcha – 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Gives energy boosts. Calms the body and mind.  Has vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

Ashwaganda – Indian ginseng. Great for stress, ant-aging and reducing pain and swelling.

Turmeric – Aids digestion. Anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant.

Lemon – Vitamin C, supports weight loss, prevents kidney stones, and cleanses skin.

Beetroot – High in fibre, folate and vitamin C. Increases blood flow around the body. Great for fitness and stamina.

Monk fruit – Great for weight loss, malnutrition of vitamins & minerals, healing and blocking thrush, hormonal balance.

Vitamin C  – Keeps your skin, bones and connective tissue healthy. Helps wounds heal,   helps prevent infections and helps you absorb iron from your food.

Directions for Use

Patch Instructions for hCg, IVPatch+, IVPatch10g UVAB, Boost, or SuperPatch

The Patches are waterproof, soft, plastic & latex free, made of surgical grade materials and alcohol free.

Wear one patch per week and change after seven days for a new patch. The high dose patch may be cut in half whilst still on the backing sheet. Use 1 half immediately and store the other half for application in 7days. Once attached to the skin the ingredients last at full strength, slow release, for seven days. The ingredients activate as soon as the patch is attached to the skin, and after seven days they then become inert.

1st Placement: Wash your hands. Open the sealed sterile envelope and take out your patch, peel off the sterile backing sheet and press the patch onto the skin. Place the patch on clean and dry skin (no moisturizer, tanning lotion, powder, oil, also the skin should not be damp from the shower or be sweaty). Do not place it on top of any hair. Press very firmly and smooth out to the edges.

After shower or swimming press your patch firmly with a dry towel, do not rub.  If swimming, stick your patch on the breast area (3 fingers above nipple) so that your swimming costume gives added protection in holding your patch in place.

The best place I think is under the breast area, away from the bra strap – at least 3 fingers below the bra strap so that any sweat accumulation under the breast will not cause the patch to slide off.

Select a firm, crease free, patch application site, away from contours and excessive movement.

If using any bath oil or moisturizing body wash, lightly exfoliate the application site with a dry loofah or similar – This will help adhesion.

Alternately you can take the patch off, shower and dry the skin after and reapply as soon as possible.  The patch must be kept on the special plastic that you took it from.

The Silicone Patch can be repositioned during the 7 day period.

Patch remains fully potent.

If you decide later you want the patch in a different place on the body, or you crease it upon application, you can peel the patch off painlessly and re-position it.

The abdomen is good, place it where it will not be rubbed by clothing, the waist area is not a good place. You may place it on the front of the thigh – about 5 inches (13 cm) above the knee it’s a very convenient place, or above the waist under the bra line.

Take care when taking off clothes so you don’t pull at the patch. If by chance you do rub the patch off a little with a towel after showering or via clothes just stick right back on and smooth out to the edges firmly, it will still be active.

Several Patches can be worn at the same time; all Patches are compatible to each other.

GYM-Excessive sweating: Generally, people who sweat a lot do not have any issues, however some do.  This depends on the salt and oil content of your sweat.  Sweat tends to accumulate and slide under the patch material, logically the silicone jelly will not be adhesive when in contact with liquid, sweat, and oil etc. on the skin – the patch may slide off

The patches are water proof as they can be worn in the shower and swimming –but the jelly-glue is not salt and oil proof. If you have issues in this area – while you are hot and sweaty find an area on the body that is dry, even under the instep of your foot would do. The silicone gel is adhesive, and the patch is re-usable and washable. The patch ingredients are impregnated into the patch material and last 7 days once applied to the skin, the glue is just glue. So if by chance you have a ‘roll up’ of the patch generally while sleeping and turning etc., or by clothes rubbing – the patch is not wasted. Take the patch off, unroll and put under running water, then apply to the skin again.  This applies to sweat as well – rinse the sweat/salt off the patch and reapply to a non-sweaty area FDA approved as a surgical dressing (being superior quality, and all parts are sterile).

If your skin is very sensitive, we doubt that you will have any reaction to this medical/surgical grade material, but as a safeguard choose to place your patch on your upper thigh or upper arm as this is a more weathered area than the belly.

Storage: Each single patch comes in its own sterile, sealed packs, and then sealed in a second sterile Pack. All patches come in an outer packaging as well.  You need to store them in this to keep them at full potency and stickiness. There is no shelf life if stored correctly. Keep your patches in the packaging provided.  Store in a cool, dry place, do not refrigerate. Keep away from sunlight, mobile phones, computers and microwave ovens.

Children wearing the patches: You can cut the patch in half for a child – cut while still on the backing paper. Place on the shoulder blade if they are likely to tamper with them. And wear for seven days then change for a new patch. Missing a week for a child is fine.

Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Please check with your Doctor before use.

Medical disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation nor is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. If you have any medical questions about the ingredients or your symptoms you should consult your licensed medical provider.

How It Works - Video