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Testosterone patch drives the production of Testosterone along with controlling the bad effects of increased levels of DHT and promotes muscle growth

30 Patches per pack

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1 review for Testosterone Booster

  1. chad (store manager)

    I have used test patches for 10 months and these patches are so amazing and they give you so much energy and so much strength in the gym and in the bedroom then my wife told me that I better not ever get off of these patches so IMA all long-term customer and will be for a very very long time and some of the benefits I’ve also noticed is that a nighttime I used to wake up and use The bathroom three or four times a night but when I got on the patches I noticed it I reduced to one time a night so the hormones have us actually help me not wake up as much and use the bathroom and I sleep very very well thank you

    I hit my mid 40’s and began experiencing huge mood swings, decreased energy and my sex drive really slowed down. I started seeing ads about ‘low T’ and thought that may be what my issue was. I decided to try the Testosterone booster. WOW! What a HUGE difference! My mood swings evened out, my sex drive(and stamina!) was back to what it was in my late twenties! Needless to say my wife and I are VERY happy with the results of the patch and I won’t go without it now. Thank you for making such a great product!

    Reduced sensitivity to cold, elimination of afternoon naps, increased libido, and waking up each morning feeling rested.

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