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The Potent Formulae contains all your nutrients especially collagen to prevent stretch marks as you bulk, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bcaas, nitric oxide, protein, and more to have a great physique that’s aesthetically pleasing.  You will not get the usual training side effects of acne, anger outbursts, oily skin, impotence, stretch marks, insomnia, crashed libido and much more.  Get mentally, sexually and physically fit with the SuperBulk Patch.

6 week course 12 Patches

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Expensive Painful Injections? So last century! Now get high dose bodybuilders supps exclusively in SA @globaldermhomeopatch we created an easy to use and transport patch, consisting of deca, sust, tren, hgh, winstrol, test, dbol, equipoise, and more. All in one, NO Side Effects, Best NEW BodyBuilder Product, Best Results (same technology as used in female menopause hormone replacement therapy patch which u know Progesterone is a precursor of testosterone so obviously it’s a tried and tested method with 40yrs research and billions spent on perfecting the nanotechnology release liner)

Go Green with Patch Technology you reduce your carbon footprint, no need to plunder the earths resources for packaging and consumables. Simply stick on like a Fabric BandAid and you good to go.


4 reviews for SuperBulk BodyBuilder Gains

  1. chad (store manager)

    Hi Resh, so far the product is seriously giving me the best power, strength boost ever, my joints are no more aching and I can physically see I’m growing. My libido has been boosted and I have fuller stronger erections than ever before. I have used many gym supplements which had the opposite effect causing me to crash sexually adding strain to my relationships. This SuperBulk patch is the best! Thank you.

    Wayne Dawson

  2. chad (store manager)

    Hi, I am on my last patch.
    It has definitely improved my libido and I’m sleeping much better at night. I’ve noticed slight improvements in my strength and I’m less fatigued after gym. It’s a good product! Kevin Palavar

  3. chad (store manager)

    Thanks,just received package. Will give you feedback,patches stick extremely well,will stick new ones on now. I’ve decided to only change patches every 5 days as i’ve seen on USA websites. It seems slim stomach fat already but will keep you posted. I see product is called bodybuilder gains not superbulk men,i hope they are the same product. – Austin

  4. chad (store manager)

    The body builder pack is awesome. Works very well and I’m only 2 weeks into it. Getting beachfront ready! I used Hgh previously and now this(bodybuilder gains). Hgh is weak compared to this. Hgh works just that I would prefer the bb (bodybuilder gains) patch. What I do is after every 2 patches I skip a day without it then I put another and there hasn’t been any side effects like the injectable steroids have. My skin is clean and clear. With your product I have confidence. Guys have been asking me what I’m on at gym. Results are fantastic I would recommend it anytime.
    Deen Shaik Mahomed

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