Luminescent Face Combo


Get your Luminescent Face Combo that includes:

1. Pigmentation Removal Concentrate
2. Pigmentation Removal Cream
3. UVAB Brightening Crème


Test Before Use.

AM: Cleanse, Wash, Tone – Face and Neck. Apply UVAB Brightening Cream. Wait a few minutes before applying makeup.

PM: Remove all traces of makeup with a make up remover. Cleanse, Wash, Tone Face and Neck. Apply Concentrate on marks only, tap into skin to saturate. Apply Creme. On dry or wrinkled areas apply tissue oil.


Get Your Glow with Continued Use.

Take before and after pictures every 6months.

Use a Charcoal Scrub and Charcoal Mask twice a week.

Hydrate well with at least 2 litres of filtered water daily.

Add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet.

Avoid dark color foods like coffee, teriyaki sauce etc. Eat Low Acid Forming Foods. Cut out fizzy drinks.

Use your weather app, check UV Index daily, when MODERATE OR HIGH UV do not go outdoors AT ALL. If you must venture out, use UV protective garments, a hat, sleeves etc.

Reduce Anxiety and Inflammation. Detox. De Stress.

Restrict Red Meat, Dairy and Gluten for best results. Get your Vitamin D by exposing your back to 10minutes of early morning sun, or take a vitamin D supplement.

Use within 3 months on Face. Thereafter discard or use on body only.