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This Is The First Time-Release Patch To Use The Powerful Synergy Of IGF-1 And MGF.

Alpha Male Power with this potent pro-anabolic metabolite of GH.  The formula is highly effective for muscle growth and repair.

12 Patches – 1 Month Supply


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Each patch contains:

  • 50mg IGF-I/IGFBP-3 50 mg (milligrams) of IGF-1 (I/IGFBP-3) Known as Insulin Like Growth Factor;
  • 25 mg MGF (PEG MGF) Known as Mechano Growth Factor (PEG MGF = pegylated MGF)

 Dosage and Directions: Usage: At Least 3-6 Months Apply 1 patch three times per week to clean, hair free skin. Leave on for eight hours then remove. You may use clear waterproof tape to hold down the patch so as not to damage the active ingredients. Apply in the prime location like the upper forearm below the skin crease or on the wrist.

Patch Removal: Lift patch and peel away swiftly .Clean adhesive residue with some tissue oil then wipe off with a damp cloth. Do not scratch or rub off adhesive as this may irritate sensitive skin. You may to bath with patches on but do not rub over it with soap as it may loosen patch.


Our patches are made from a material that is manufactured for sensitive skin as in non-latex, non-plastic, non-woven Medical Grade hypoallergenic adhesive

What Is IGF1+MGF Patch?

IGF1+MGF Patches are the metabolites of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with specific functions in the body.

The combinations are the most powerful pro-anabolic metabolite of GH which cause muscle growth and repair.

 The Mechano Growth Factor is a muscle specific metabolite while the IGF-1 is a direct metabolite of GH both of which work together to give these profound effects

The synergistic effect of IGF1+MGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor + Mechano Growth Factor) makes the formula a perfect combination , especially for the bodybuilders and athletes, as it leads to a natural increase in IGF-1 and MGF leading to increased body strength as well as a minimal body fat.

The IGF1+MGF Patch is a hormonal supplement therefore should not cause any unwanted effect when used properly. IGF1+MGF Patch is perfect body building, strength increasing and tissue repair formulation. The IGF1+MGF Patch is safe and effective for the benefits they mention and should cause no side effects. The Transdermal supplement is manufactured in certified laboratories in line with several research findings hence is 100% safe and effective.

This formula is a transdermal patch; hence bypass the liver metabolic enzymes in that it is delivered directly into the blood stream for greater effect.

How Does IGF1+MGF Patch Work?

IGF-I + MGF formula mechanism of action is by trans-dermal delivery, which goes directly into the blood stream.

The synergistic effect of these two pro-anabolic metabolites (IGF-1 + MGF Patch)

Regulates diet or age-induced reductions in IGF-1 production and

  • builds strength,
  • muscle mass;
  • promote the repair of damage muscle,
  • Tissue respectively.

Owing to their mechanism of achieving these benefits, they bypass the degrading effects of the stomach’s digestive acids as well as the first pass liver effects; hence the reason for the 100% bioavailability.

The patch active constituent release is time-dependent (for about 8 hour’s period), hence allows for a more efficient metabolic process in the system.

Who Can Use IGF1+MGF Patch?

  • The consequences of deficient IGF-1 ranges from a minor reduction in muscle protein synthesisto a profound emaciated muscle mass and bone mineral density. Since the IGF-1 and MGF patch will supplement for these deficiencies this pro-anabolic patch is for people with such deficiencies.
  • That individual whose IGF-1 level is affected by ageor diet will find the patch beneficial.
  • The patches can be used by individuals from their early 20’s and beyond; that is when the HGH starts depreciating.
  • More importantly, these patches will cause muscle growth/tissue repairand can be used by body builders as well as by athletes who wants greater strength and performance.

IGF1+MGF Patch Overview

The Positives:

  • Causes Muscle Growth
  • Repairs Damaged Tissues
  • Most Effective Anabolic Supplements
  • Increases Strength & Power
  • Minimize Body Fats
  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass
  • Safe and Effective to Use
  • Not Degraded by Stomach Enzymes
  • Bye-pass First Pass Liver Effect
  • No Negative Side Effects Reported
  • Gives Greater Anabolic Effect (Trans-dermal Delivery)

Contra indications:

Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Use only as directed by your Aesthetician.  If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. Seek medical advice in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction.  Only for Adult Use.  Do not use more than 3 patches in 24hrs.
The IGF Patch is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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  1. chad (store manager)

    It Works!
    Gary Boyd
    Used in conjunction with HGH Maximise, blood pressure dropped again from 127/80 to 107/67. In only one month, at age 69, a change like this is awesome!

    IGF + MGF
    I’m into nutrition and working out. I take many supplements daily, my journey led me here.
    Overall I view patches as the future of supplements, I have a monthly order of IGF. For newcomers I recommend putting the patch on your abs, and not doing anything. You will feel your body temperature rise, along with your body adapting to the specific patch. LEGIT.

    Greatest Product Ever
    Thanks, yet again you have another outstanding product in the melatonin patch. My sleep has improved greatly and that in turn helps my workout in the a.m.. More rest More reps. Can’t beat it.

    Kevin Oliver
    I have been using the IGF-1/MGF patch for about 6 months and have been very satisfied. I have seen positive results in terms of muscle gain and fat loss. I am 51 years old and my body weight has held at about 200 lbs. I strength train 4-5 days per week and eat a sensible diet. The mirror really shows the effectiveness of this patch, as I have gotten leaner while adding muscle much faster than before.

    New Lease on Life
    My wife and I are concentrating our funds on the IGF-1/MGF Patches, the HGH 24000, and the Fat Burning Patches, because we continue to have fantastic results from these three patches. I’ve lost 15 lbs in 60 days. We just took a 5 mile hike on mountain trails yesterday, something that would have been impossible just weeks ago without the body building help these patches are giving us. Our muscles just keep adjusting, growing, healing faster because of the patches. They have given us a new lease on life in our late 50’s early 60’s.

    IGF-1 + MGF alone or paired with HGH for RESULTS!
    I have been stacking IGF-1 + MGF together with HGH 24000 for nearly a year and these patches really do provide you with strength, muscle mass, muscle repair and recovery! IGF-1 is a hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin and plays a vital role in childhood growth and has anabolic effects in adults. The lowest level of IGF-1 production occurs as we age from infancy. I have seen stellar results with these patches and would recommend either using them as a stand-alone patch or stacked with HGH for incredible results. Just to set the right expectation the results are not seen in a week or two. Set out a plan with your wall calendar or phone to make sure you use these as they are recommended and you will too reap the benefits in and outside the gym for muscle growth, repair and recovery!!

    Igf 1 + MGF
    Dale McClinton
    I have been using this for a few months now and have been able to see an improvement in my strength. I am almost 73 and my workouts have definitely improved. My recovery is much better and I am resting better at night.

    IGF-1 works!
    I have been using this patch along with the HGH MAXIMIZE patch for the past two months and I am very satisfied with the results. Better rest, better recovery, increased lean muscle mass, and a better sense of well- being. If you are on the fence like I was before on these products, take that “leap of faith” and try it out. I’m glad I took that leap of faith and now I am reaping the benefits of these products.

    Reversing Our Biological Clock, Increased Energy, Muscle & Bone Mass for Seniors
    Dr Gary
    These are the strongest HGH patches for the best price out there giving us great results. My wife and I are relying on the HGH and the IGF-1/MGF Patches (since they are a downstream metabolite of HGH). These patches are literally turning back the biological clock on our muscles and bodies, as we are in our late 50s and early 60s. I was in a biking accident several months ago, where I sustained multiple fractures to the pelvis. The recovery was slow and painful, till I started using these patches. These patches have literally restored my bones, muscles, tendons and strength sooner than expected over the past several months. My wife and I both use them now combined with a regular interval training cardio exercise program and a strength training program at a local gym. Along with a good clean diet, the patches are working miracles sustaining and growing muscle mass and bone mass. We feel stronger, and increased energy is a wonderful result too.

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