Hormonal Fat Burner Kit

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As Seen on Dr Oz  Join thousands of successful people who have used our kit to lose weight naturally and easily. This, combined with the diet created by Dr ATW Simeons, has been proven to work over many years and for thousands of patients.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is only available in South Africa and cannot be shipped internationally

  • Experience amazing fat Loss without having to do exercise
  • Fast results (0.5- 2 kg a day average)!
  • Lose centimetres AND kilograms
  • Crushes hunger & melts your unwanted fat
  • Attack stubborn fat deposits and firm up lean muscle
  • Faster metabolic rate and better oxygen delivery to all cells
  • Form lasting eating habits and keep the weight off
  • Improved sense of well-being with fewer mood and energy swings
  • Increased clarity of mind
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Helps prevent thrombosis
  • Eases premenstrual tension
  • Helps to alleviate migraine headaches
  • Helps to relieve arthritic pain
  • Regulates hormonal imbalances
  • Aids those suffering from high blood pressure, eczema, arthritis, and strokes
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2 reviews for Hormonal Fat Burner Kit

  1. chad (store manager)

    I am very happy about the injection and diet program. When I started I was 122.3kg. I only used the injection for 30days. I did the 2 weeks adjustment during which i did the diet only with no injection.. I am happy to say I am 108kg today. I was size 46 and now 38 after the next round. Qondiswa Boyce

  2. chad (store manager)

    I went to Globalderm and they put me through their weightloss program for 21 days and they told me I will lose 12 to 18kg if I follow their instructions. Resh you guys are Boss. I told most of my friends want to come?? and they will I promise. I went from 96kg to 78kg. My goal is 70kg. Charity Gwala

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