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Just imagine losing your abnormal, excess body fat, and doing it easily with no cravings or appetite. You will be jumping for joy! Join thousands of other successful people who have used our HCG Homeopathic Injection to naturally and easily lose weight. Imagine looking awesome, buying great clothes, dancing, feeling healthy and energetic and smiling a lot. Our Injections are quick, easy, and natural.

This diet was created by Dr Simeons, MD in the 1950-60s. It has been proven to work over many years and for many thousands of his patients. The diet is easy, the injection is easy and you won’t be hungry.

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HCG Mixing Instructions for Injections



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Dr ATW Simeons HomeoPathic Cure for Obesity Kit internationally acclaimed “Lose 40 Pounds in 40 Days” includes:
1. 5000iu Homeopathic HCG
2. 10ml B12/BCo/Bacteriostatic Water
3. 30 Insulin Syringes (0.5ml)
4. 30 Alcohol Swabs
5. Storage Container
6. Mixing Syringe with Mixing Needle
7. Online Food Lists, Recipes, Menus
8. 800 Calorie Diet (Download)

What you will need:
1. Digital Food Scale – 100g meat per meal
2. Tape Measure – daily measurements
3. Digital Scale – daily weight

The HCG Diet was developed by the British endocrinologist Dr Albert T. W. Simeons in the 1960’s. He discovered that when combined with a specific low calorie diet, the patients he treated with low-dose HCG lost fat rather than lean muscle tissue.

How does this Scientific Medical Breakthrough keep you from losing muscle while you diet? By elevating hormone levels in the body, including testosterone, the HCG hormone creates an anabolic state (muscle-building) which counteracts the catabolic state (muscle-breakdown). There are hormone receptors on muscle fibres that respond to the increased hormone levels in patients taking the HCG hormone.
Why does that matter? During a fast, dramatic loss of pounds with crash dieting, there is a high amount of muscle that is lost. Because muscle is heavy, this loss looks good on the scale because the pounds are dropping quickly. When you lose muscle, it’s bad for your body, shape, and metabolism. The metabolism slows so much that dieter regain weight quickly, often regaining all the weight that was lost and then some.

Additionally, it takes quite a bit of work to build back the muscle that has been lost.
Why don’t you feel hungry? The conversion of your fat into usable energy provides the daily Calorific needs of up to 4000 Calories. How cool is this? Your Body creates a ‘Fat Drip’ so the low calorie diet is necessary in order to use up your stored fat. Not following the diet will result in weight gain even if the cheat is miniscule.

The Struggle is Real Despite not feeling hungry being surrounded by food is a challenge. Focus on Fat not Food and know that this is the only diet that can safely peel off a pound a day. Curb Emotional Eating with good planning. Our biggest loser lost 43 kg within one round (40 days).
• Experience Amazing Fat Loss without Exercise
• Fast results (0.5- 2 kg a day average!) Lose centimetres AND kilograms
• Crushes Hunger & Melts Your Unwanted Fat • Attack stubborn fat deposits and firm up lean muscle • Faster metabolic rate better oxygen delivery to all cells
• Better oxygen delivery to all cells • Form lasting eating habits & Keep the weight off
• Improved sense of well-being • Fewer mood and energy swings
• Increased clarity of mind • Lower cholesterol levels • Helps prevent thrombosis • Eases premenstrual tension • Helps to alleviate migraine headaches • Helps to relieve arthritic pain • Regulates hormonal imbalances • Aids those suffering from high blood pressure, eczema, arthritis and strokes

Phase 1: The hCG Diet — 3 Days Loading – Compulsory High Fat Intake
Days 1-3 require that you load up on high-calorie, fatty foods. You may think this is counter-intuitive, or crazy, but it is absolutely necessary for the diet to work properly. Inject Daily 25cc/10ml or 6cc/2ml

Phase 2: The hCG Diet — Fat Burning Nett Carbs below 50g VLCD (21-42days)
You should set a goal before you begin as to the number of pounds you would like to lose. It isn’t uncommon for people lose upwards of 30 pounds on a 25-day cycle of the hCG, however, your results will vary as every person’s body is uniquely different.
The diet requires that you do the fat burning phase for at least 21 days and no more than 42 days. If you achieve your weight goal before the 21 days then you may bump up the number of calories you are eating, but continue with the burning phase until you have been in the burning phase for a minimum of 21 days. If you do not achieve your weight goal and you have been in the burning phase for 42 days, then you must continue to the maintenance phase.
During this phase, FOLLOW THE DIET! This is your menu through the duration of the burning phase. Stick with it; you will be glad that you did.


Day 1 to 3: 125iu = 25cc/0.25ml/10ml or 6cc/0.06ml/2ml
Day 4: 30cc/0.30ml/10ml or 7cc/0.07ml/2ml
Day 5: 35cc/0.35ml/10ml or 8cc/0.08ml/2ml
Day 6: 40cc/0.40ml/10ml or 9cc/0.09ml/2ml
Day 7 to 42: 45cc/0.45ml/10ml or 10cc/0.10ml/2ml

During your last three days in the burning phase, you should stop taking the hCG, but continue with the hCG Meal Plan.
NOTE: 5000iu HcG is mixed in either 10ml OR 2ml Vitamin B/Sterile Water
Dosage: 125iu-175iu Keep adjusting dosage to find your perfect fit. ASK HOW. Also skip an injection weekly if using for longer than 3 weeks. Change injection sites often. Do not inject during your period. At the correct dosage you will achieve good weightloss. COUNTDOWN to a NEW YOU – Inject within 30minutes of waking up in the morning.

Breakfast: Green Tea or Rooibos Tea. No Milk. No Sugar. Sip 1½ L water minimum from morning to Lunch

Lunch (10am-12noon) & Dinner (4pm-6pm): Sip 1L water from Lunch to Dinner

Choose ONE item from each section, preferably different choices for lunch and dinner. Salt, Pepper, Herbs, Spices and Lemon Juice to season. Use a non stick pan with Spray n Cook if required.

One serving of Protein: 100-300 grams of chicken breast, hake OR fresh white fish. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat. Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are NOT allowed. You may have 100g Beef 3 times a week. Whatever your choice pls ensure that you weigh raw uncooked portion to a maximum of 250Calories of flesh. Use the fatsecret.co.za APP

One serving of Vegetables: You may have 1 cup of veg per meal to make a salad, stirfry or soup.
Lettuce, Spinach, Asparagus, Cabbage, Tomato, Cucumbers, Onions, Radishes, Celery, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Baby Marrows, Green Peppers, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Celery, Brinjal, Carrots

One of the following fruits:
Two servings allowed per day, not at the same meal, 4-6 hours apart.
• Grapefruit (1/2 medium) – 52 calories
• Strawberries (10 1½-inch) – 40 calories

No substitutions for ANY of the foods. As Per Dr. Simeons, any food may be eliminated due to lack of hunger. If you aren’t able to eat all 500 calories in a day, first cut one or more servings of fruit. It is important to eat two servings of protein daily. (MEAT)

• No over-the-counter drugs should be taken (with the exception of aspirin).
• Use only oil-free cosmetics.
• You must eat everything as prescribed –no substitutions.
• No sodas (diet or regular). Perrier is allowed – only naturally carbonated drinks, not seltzer.
• No OIL massages of any other type.

It is encouraged to do the following:
• Walk or do yoga for up to an hour as often as possible
• Listen to stress-reducing CDs.
• Sweat for 20 minutes in a sauna as often as possible.
• Get 15-20 minutes of sun daily
• Rest – Sleep 8 hours minimum
• Add 1 fresh lemon juiced to 2½ L water and sip throughout the day

The hCG Diet — Maintenance Phase Nett carbs below 100g.
Before returning to a normal diet, you must follow this step to help your body adapt to other foods. For the next three weeks, you must not eat any starches or sugars; otherwise you may begin to return to a normal diet. Your body needs this time to stabilize, so as the three weeks pass, reintroduce foods into your diet. When you near the end of the maintenance phase, slowly introduce sugars and starches into your diet starting with more fruit and vegetables. Always keep in mind that Bread and flour products will cause rapid weight gain. Know your carbs and be vigilant to keep bad carbs at a minimum. Week1/1000 calories; Week2/1500 calories; Week3/2000 calories – Men/3000 calories. Use fatsecret.co.za for easy calculations. Continue to record your weight each morning, and if you have gained more than two pounds in any given day, follow the hcg meal plan as a ‘Fast Day’. This helps your body regulate your appetite and weight. Thereafter at goal weight you may have 100-150g nett carbs.

HCG Mixing Instructions for Injections

  • Treat the HCG gently – no shaking, or dropping the bottle.
  •  Keep all forms of HCG refrigerated – even the powder. HCG doesn’t like heat and why take the chance of it getting damaged due to heat.

You will be injecting only 6cc – that will be 6 units on your insulin syringe.

Mixing Preparations

1 – Keep everything as sanitary and clean as possible. Sanitize your counter-top and all containers you will be using.
Mixing materials should be laid out in the sterile environment and hands should be washed with anti-bacterial soap. Hands should be dried with paper towels.

2 – Pop the cap from the top of the hCG bottle at the perforated edges do the
same with the water.  Then sterilize the tops of the bottle/vial with alcohol.

3 – Now take your mixing syringe and pull 2 ML of water and inject into the hCG bottle, slowly down the side of the glass, not allowing the needle to touch the glass. If the needle touches the glass, replace the needle before continuing to the next step. The powder will dissolve almost immediately, with a gentle swirling of the vial. Roll between your hands to mix, or slowly swirl it mixed. DO NOT SHAKE!!!  (swirl or roll to mix)

4 – Place in Refrigerator immediately.

Where can I inject the HCG?
HCG is injected into the fat layer just under the skin. There may be different absorption rates depending on where you inject the HCG.

  • Tummy (most recommended)
    • Front and sides of both thighs
    • Buttocks
    • Hip areas
    • Do not inject HCG near bony places or joints.

How do I draw up the HCG into a syringe?
• Gather your supplies (HCG, syringe, alcohol, pads).
• Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry your hands completely.
• For both new bottles and bottles used before, clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol pad.
• Remove the cap from the needle.
• Pull back the plunger on the syringe to draw in enough air to equal your HCG dose.
• Push the needle into the bottle top and inject the air into the bottle. When you inject air into the vial, this increases the air pressure inside the vial. This makes the right amount of HCG easier to draw out of the vial through the needle.
• With the needle in the bottle, turn the bottle and syringe upside down. Pull the plunger to fill the syringe past your dose of HCG.
• Push slowly on the plunger to the line of your correct dose of HCG.
• Check for air bubbles. If you see any bubbles, tap the syringe with your finger to make them rise to the top. Then pull the plunger past your dose again and slowly push in the plunger until all bubbles are gone. Repeat this if needed to get rid of air bubbles. Tiny air bubbles are not dangerous, but they will decrease the amount of HCG in the syringe.
• Remove the needle from the bottle and carefully lay the syringe down so that the needle does not touch anything.

How do I inject the HCG?
• Choose your injection site.
• Make sure the area is clean. You may clean the area with alcohol or soap and water. If alcohol is used, let it dry on the skin before injecting. This will help prevent a stinging feeling, and will help kill germs on the skin. Use 70 present alcohol if possible, because it is a better germ killer than 90 present alcohol.
• Pinch the skin and fat tissue between your thumb and first finger.
• Touch the needle to the skin, holding the syringe at a 90 degree angle. Push the needle all the way into the skin. If the needle is not in far enough, the HCG may not be injected into the fatty layer.
• Let go of the pinched tissue before injecting the HCG or you will be squeezing the HCG out at the same time you are trying to inject it.
• Press the plunger using a slow and steady push.
• Count slowly to five before removing the needle. This will help prevent HCG from leaking out of the injection site.
• Pull out the needle and place a finger or alcohol pad over the site. Hold for a few seconds and then rub the site gently to close the needle track. Sometimes there is a small amount of bleeding after the injection. This does not cause a problem except for the possible loss of HCG with the blood.

Ideas to help decrease pain when injecting HCG:
• Inject HCG at room temperature.
• Remove all air bubbles from the syringe before the injection.
• If skin was cleaned with alcohol, wait until it has dried before injecting.
• Avoid changing the direction of the needle during insertion or removal.

I hope all this helps you as you start your weight loss journey!

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