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GlobalDerm has developed a homeopathic Fat Burner Patch which targets and dissolves abnormal fat. Release stubborn fat; and Reset your metabolism so that you burn fat and lose unwanted kilos! In fact, join thousands of successful people who have used our Patch to lose weight easily and naturally!  This happens by signaling the hypothalamus (a control centre in the brain) to mobilize stored fat  into the bloodstream using it as fuel, reduces hunger, and gives you sustained energy without stimulants.

In every calorie restriction diet in the world first people lose muscle, then they lose structural fat (like the fat in your face), they might have migraines; they might feel weak; they might look gaunt. Then they lose normal fat. The last thing they lose is the abnormal fat. Make sure your weight loss effort is not vain by losing important muscle mass and bone density. Most dieters run the risk of cellulite, spongy excess skin, looking wrinkled and older with substantial weight loss.

 Basically, we all have three types of fat:

1) Structural fat – that is the pad of our hands and in our feet and our heel; that’s the fat pads that hold our organs together when we run and jump so they don’t bang into each other

2) Normal Fat – We worked right through Lunch; it’s 6pm and we haven’t eaten, well that fat used as energy is the normal fat

3) Abnormal Fat – That’s the stubborn fat around our waist, our lower halves, depending on where we store our fat.

GlobalDerm HomeoPatch offers the perfect solution for abnormal fat loss, detox, firm skin and a Healthier Leaner You! The Muscle is preserved. Normal fat is preserved. The structural fat is preserved. The only fat that is used up is the abnormal fat, leaving you feeling and looking fabulous.

This protocol is perfect for those struggling with losing weight such as Insulin Resistance; PCOS; Metabolic Syndrome; Reverse Diabetes; Under-Active Thyroid; Hormone Imbalance.

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2 reviews for HGG Fat Burner

  1. chad (store manager)

    From this website you can start your journey to permanent weight loss.
    It’s cheap, quick and easy and you won’t feel hungry.
    Our homeopathic patches take away your appetite.
    It’s a healthy weight loss targeting abnormal fat.
    You will feel healthier, fitter and more awesome with the loss of it.
    Written Testimonials:

    Glenda: It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial. I have been involved with yo-yo diets for over 30 years. My weight has fluctuated from size 10 to size 18 many times. But this time I have successfully, and effortlessly, lost 25 kilos. I am amazed and excited, and very grateful. My only question would be where was this hidden for so long? Try it you will love the easily achieved results.

    Kimberley: I went on the plan for 3 months with breaks between. I went down from a size 18 to a 12. I have successfully kept this weight off for over a year. It was effortless and every day I saw positive results. There is no other weight loss protocol like this out there this really is the last diet you will ever need.

    Jason: Happily and very easily I have lost 20 kilos. I am amazed to put it mildly. I feel 20 years younger and my wife says I look hot!

    Sarah: My wonderful experience: I managed to go from a size 22 to a size 18, and then had a break for two months. I didn’t put weight on in that diet free time. I went on the program again and went down to a size 14. Again two months break, still no real weight gain. I did get much fitter and more energetic in this break which was the first time in over ten years. Next experience brought me down to my goal weight and an amazing size 12. I never thought this was possible but the mirror says that’s me!!! I thought it was just a silly day-dream a size 12, as I had not been this weight since I was 14 and I am now 65. But here I am with the biggest smile that never goes away.

    Renee: I have lost the stubborn fat that I could never lose with other diets, weight lifting, running etc. I am an athlete and eat well with great discipline but still could not budge this fat on problem areas. The weight on the scales mean nothing to me, what I see is fat loss off the sides of my hips, and thighs and I am no longer a pear shape. I love this new look.

    Merle: I am delighted with my weight loss, being 18 kilos. I have struggled previously only to put the weight back on again. This excess weight has been gone for over 3 months with no sign of venturing backwards. Thank you so much for your support and professionalism. The product is just wonderful. I also love that the protocol was devised by a medical Doctor, yet the actual product is natural.

    Excellent product. Lost 4kg in my first week on this patch

  2. Mrs Khan

    Excellent product. Lost 4kg in my first week on the patch

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