Vegan Aminos

Vegan Aminos

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Amino acid patch combines eight essential amino acids and one conditional amino acid – Tyrosine, in a transdermal time-release patch.  The Scientific formula provides a complete nutrition source for Vegans and vegetarians.

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$19.99 $6.99

Vegan Aminos

Amino Acid Transdermal Adhesive Patch vs Protein Powders

Most athletes are accustomed to taking their daily protein supplements in powdered form. Besides the inconvenience of juggling tubs of powder and mixing shakes, the effectiveness of that oral delivery is in question:

The gastro-intestinal tract presents a significant barrier to the efficient absorption of orally administered metal, drugs and dietary essential trace minerals.

Once a Protein powder mixture arrives in your stomach, it is immediately coated in a cocktail of powerful digestive acids.

Depending on what else you may have eaten, the protein mixture in your stomach stays there for 2 to 4 hours. During this digestive process, the protein mixture continues to be degraded by these powerful digestive acids.

After 2 to 4 hours, the remaining supplements nutrient value begins to move into and through the small intestines where it is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. After first swallowing the mixture, about 10% (or less) of the original mixture’s dosage strength survives the harsh acidic environment of the digestive system before entering the small Intestine where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to the traditional protein shake. Time-release transdermal adhesives (patches) are the latest, most effective and most convenient way to absorb amino acids into your bloodstream. It takes at least 100mg delivered orally to equal a 10mg dose delivered by a transdermal patch (and the AA HomeoPatch contains nine essential amino acids in ratios optimized for rigorous endurance exercise).

Directions for use

Apply 1 patch 4 days. Firmly stick onto clean, hair free skin.  Gently pat dry after showering or swimming.  You may use micropore tape to secure patch in place for 96hrs. Apply the patch to your upper forearm or inside your wrist which are locations rich in small blood capillaries. As soon as the patch is applied, your body heat activates the time-release function of the transdermal patch through the skin for instant and constant delivery over a 96 hour period


Each patch contains:

Lysine USP (12.75 mg),Leucine USP (11.19 mg), Phenylalanine USP (11.25 mg) Valine USP (10.5 mg), Isoleucine USP (8.25 mg), Methionine USP (8.25 mg) Threonine USP (8.25 mg), Tryptophan USP (3 mg), Tyrosine USP (1.5 mg)


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  1. chad (store manager)

    Easy to do at night.
    I really love these little patches. I put them on at night and I don’t have to think of them again until I take them off. I don’t have to count pills or worry if the powder dosage is right. It’s all done for me. I like that. The effects are subtle. You don’t notice it doing anything until you don’t wear it and realize the benefits you had when it was on.

    Great endurance!
    First of all, aminos in patch form is super convenient! My endurance and recovery is excellent with this patch! Great quality and easy!

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