Pigmentation is colouration with a pigment, and refers to the colouring of the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a common and usually harmless condition in which patches of the skin become darker in colour than the surrounding skin. The first step is to understand pigmentation, then how to treat it.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by an increase in melanin, the natural pigment that gives our skin colour. So, what causes an increase in melanin? There are a number of factors that can trigger an increase in melanin production and the biggest culprit is sun exposure. Other triggers include hormones, age and skin inflammation.

The next question you may ask, is how to reduce melanin production or prevent hyperpigmentation.
  • Vitamin C plays a key role in maintaining skin health. It is a potent antioxidant that prevents or reduces damage caused by free radicals.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and try to stay out of the sun between 10am and 2pm. Shade your face with a hat.
  • Wearing sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays which will slow down melanin production.
  • Avoid scratching or picking your spots as this can result in inflammation and lead to darker pigmentation on your face.
  • Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C.

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An important read is the role of Glutathione in the skin lightening process.

Skin lightening is an ongoing process that requires treatment in two ways. The first is the Internal Glutathione Protocol which sets about increasing glutathione levels in your body. The second is externally with the use of skincare products. Both work hand in hand and in order to achieve the desired results, it is recommended that both protocols are followed.

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