Winter can be tough for those that suffer with Arthritis. The onset of colder weather can cause your joints to swell and get inflamed with pain and stiffness. Current arthritis treatments often have side-effects. Not to mention nutrients and additives burned up in the digestive tract when taking tables orally.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest-growing natural therapies that is safe. In fact, it has no side effects and is non – addictive. Experience the best of what nature has to offer with our CBD Transdermal Skin Patch!

Transdermal skin patches are convenient, safe, and easy to use and affordable. Furthermore, skin patches have the highest absorption rate which is highly effective in comparison to taking tablets.

Here is a list of the BENEFITS using the CBD Isolate Transdermal Skin Patch:

  • CBD is hydrophobic and has poor oral bioavailability. This means the patch is much more effective with a substantially increased absorption rate compared to the CBD oil
  • Non-invasive, slow-release transdermal delivery
  • THC Free (Drug-Free)
  • Non-addictive non-opioid therapy with calming effect
  • Non hallucinogenic and you can carry on with your daily functions
  • Limited effect on higher brain function
  • Daily activities can continue as normal
  • The CBD Skin Patch is safe and without evident side-effects

We also have some additional tips to help you deal with Arthritis Pain this winter:

  1. Cover your joints well. Layer up and keep your hands, feet, and joints warm.
  2. Exercise is one of the most beneficial ways to increase strength and flexibility.
  3. Watch your diet. Eat healthy foods and avoid too many sweets. Slow down on the fizzy drinks too!
  4. Yoga and Mediation are a great way to keep stress levels under control. Find soothing ways to keep stress levels to a minimum.
  5. Ensure you get a good night’s rest. Sleep can do wonders for your body!

GlobalDerm’s CBD Isolate Transdermal Skin Patch is very affordable and one of the very few certified CBD products. It is super concentrated and highly efficient.

Don’t let Arthritis get you down this winter! Order your CBD Isolate Transdermal Skin Patches, stick on like band-aid and let it go to work.

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