We have found that the best way to cleanse your face is oil cleansing. Harsh facial cleansers not only remove the bad stuff, they strip the skin of its natural moisture. Additionally, with winter fast approaching, your skin needs all the extra moisture it can get.

You have heard of the 3 Omega’s (3, 6 & 9), right? Your skin needs a balance of them too. They are important and essential fatty acids.

Scientific research has shown that skin defects such as oozing, scaling or cracking can be repaired by skin care products containing Omega fatty acids. I am not referring to your average dry skin. But damaged and inflamed skin that is a result of damaging products (e.g. skin bleaching creams) used during the skin bleaching process.

The Benefits of Facial Oil Cleansing

  1. Oil is effective in reducing acne and dissolving blackheads that build up over time.
  2. It can be used as a natural make up remover.
  3. Use oil to hydrate and repair your skin.
  4. Oil is effective in breaking down all dirt and pollutants.
  5. A facial oil cleanse does not disrupt your skin and the good bacteria.
  6. Revitalises and rejuvenates dull skin.
  7. Restores a healthy ph. balance in your skin.
  8. Brighten and firms your skin.
  9. The perfect solution for a dry and damaged skin.
  10. The most notable benefit is that the oil removes any unclogs your pores of all product residual that build up in the skin over time.

Now that you have the benefits, all you need to know is the best way to oil cleanse your face. We give you a step-by-step process to obtain maximum benefits.

The best way to oil cleanse: (suitable for all skin types)

  1. To start the cleansing process, make sure your skin is dry (not damp or wet)
  2. Add a generous amount of oil to the palm of your hands
  3. Massage oil cleanser in your hands thoroughly
  4. Apply deep pressure to your face and work in circular motion, getting to all the necessary areas, especially those that get clogged up.
  5. Apply warm face cloth to your face and take a moment to absorb the warmth
  6. Make a mitt out of your face cloth and work in circular movements to remove oil from your face. Rinse the cloth in warm water and repeat if necessary.
  7. Apply Glow Serum to damp skin

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