Spring is just around the corner! With that comes the promise of warmer weather and a chance to peel off those winter woollies. Now is the time to get your body back into peak condition, and leave behind those bad winter habits. We give you 5 ways to get your body ready for Spring!

Ladies face many challenges on a daily basis and these can add to the negative side affects of stress. Stress takes it toll both mentally and physically and as much as we try to hide it, the visible signs soon start to show. Looking and feeling your best boosts self confidence and self confidence changes your aura entirely. When we are self confidence we radiate positive energy, we are more resilient and our authenticity shines through.

Here are 5 ways to get your body ready for Spring

  1. Boost energy levels and live life to the fullest. Globalderm Cannabis is effective at reducing stress, improving quality of sleep, reducing pain and inflammation which will improve activity and mobility.
  2. Show off your beautiful skin and hair with the use of effective treatments. We offer hair growth solutions, pigmentation removal, tan removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatment. We also offer a range of glutathione products for effective skin lightening and brightening.
  3. Achieve your goal weight and lose unwanted fat. Globalderm HCG is a fat burner so you only lose fat, not bone density, not lean muscle mass and not water loss.
  4. Dose up on Vitamin C. Not only does it boost your immune system, it is involved with many other body functions. It stimulates collagen synthesis; it is a potent antioxidant that has been linked to many impressive health benefits.
  5. Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our laser hair removal. Our Globalderm Skin Clinic also offers laser wart removal, laser tattoo removal, laser skin whitening, laser fat removal and laser skin rejuvenation.

Globalderm products are designed with YOU being the best version of YOURSELF.

Visit www.globalderm.co.za to read more about our products or contact us to visit our clinic for laser treatment.

Some of our recent client testimonials:

Nombulelo Ngcobo
I was really bothered by my uneven skin. The newspaper advert caught my attention and I messaged them. The lady was so helpful, and she knew exactly what I was looking for. I am not too dark, but working outdoors my face and arms are very dark. Therefore I wanted a safe treatment that I can afford and I started with the injection and Product Pack for Face, Brightening Wash, UVAB Day Cream and at night Clarify Oil.

Gugu Mkhize
Braiding caused baldness at the front of my head. So I bought 1 bottle of the Globalderm Hair Grow Serum and this is the result. I didn’t expect it as I’m 47 years old and had been bald for a long time. Try it, you won’t regret it.

Qondiswa Boyce
I am very happy about the HCG injection and diet program. When I started I was 122 kg. I only used the injection for 30 days. Furthermore I did the 2 weeks adjustment during which I did the diet only with no injection. I am happy to say I am 108 kg today. When I started I was size 46 and now 38 after the next round.

Qiniso Nothando Manqele (Dada)
Sepi white and the Nano patches have done wonders for me. I thank you for sharing the skin care secret with me, my skin has improved a lot.

Sanelisiwe Maliga
I have been using the ‘drip in a patch’ for less than 2 weeks. My skin now looks shiny and healthy. I had suffered itchiness from my face before and now since I started ‘drip in a patch’ the itchiness has stopped. I am looking forward to finishing my course and seeing the best results.